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Stack of Pipes for Sale Hamilton TX.

Quality Structural Oilfield Pipe in Hamilton, TX

If you run an agricultural, industrial, or even a large residential property or business, chances are you’ll need to build sturdy fences or barriers at some point. Whether you’re keeping cattle in their pasture or trespassers out of your work zone, a good fence is a benefit to any property. Hamilton Pipe Company sells a variety of fencing materials and structural oilfield pipe in Hamilton, TX. No matter what use you have for used oil pipe, we can provide all of the clean, used materials you need to complete your project. Reach out to our team to discuss your needs or place an order for pipe or livestock panels.

Wide Variety of Uses for Used Oil Pipe

Rather than paying a fortune for a fence made of brand-new materials, why not cut costs by using our used oil pipe? These pipes have been used in oil drilling applications and, while they are no longer able to be used for their original purpose, you can give them new life on your farm, construction site, or home property. Some of the previous uses of our used pipe include uses as drilling pipe, transportation pipe, sucker rods, and general piping. Get in touch with us to purchase panels and oilfield pipe for a variety of uses including:

  • Fencing
  • Casings
  • Feedlots
  • Horse Corrals
  • Pilings 

Livestock Panels and Clean Oilfield Pipe

In addition to clean oilfield pipe for sale, we offer livestock panels and gates in various sizes and styles. Keep your cattle, horses, or other livestock out of harm’s way with our sturdy and effective fencing materials. Some of the sizes and styles we offer include:

  • 10-Foot Wide Gates
  • Basic Economy Panels
  • 5-Foot Wide Gates
  • Slide Gates
  • Alley Gates
  • Alley Frames 

Place an Order for Pipe and Panels in Various Sizes

No matter what use you have for used oil pipe, livestock panels, or gates, we have the materials you need at cost-effective prices. We make placing an order and picking up your materials easy and pain-free, so get in touch with us today to get started.

Contact us to discuss your needs or place an order with our team. We are proudly located in Hamilton, Texas.


We have used 2 3/8 & 2 7/8 Pipe

other sizes as well


Our Panels have changed becuase the material we get is different. Still great panels.

5 x 10 light panel with 1 1/2 legs for 47.00 and 5 x 10 Heavy Panels with 2 3/8 legs are 75.00.

6 x 10 light panel 1 1/2 legs 77.00 and  6 x 10 heavy with 2 3/8 legs 87.00

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